River Rafting in Nameri National Park

Are you enlivened by the idea of absorbing to the roots of the countryside charm, pre-dawn barbecue or temporary disconnection from urban chaos? If it’s a yes, then Nameri National Park is what you should zero down to. It’s a house of Fantastic River and huge variety of flora & fauna.

The Jia Bharali River in Nameri is the tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra and originating from Eastern Himalaya. River rafting on Jia Bharali River long the white sand riverbanks makes Nameri National Park a perfect weekend getaway. The national park is notable as bird watchers paradise so one can also be pleased with the view of many lovely birds on the way of river rafting. The flourishing flora and fauna, shallow pebbled river banks and the hidden rustic experience make it a phenomenal experience, away from the regular.

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