Manas National Park: Tiger Reserve

Manas National Park is the only place to be distinct as biosphere reserve, a UNESCO natural heritage, an elephant reserve and a tiger reserve all the same time. Situated at the base of Eastern Himalayas in Assam, the park is laden with alluvial grasslands and tropical forests. The forest expands beyond to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan which is then flanked by the crystal waters of the Manas River demarcating the international border.

It is recognized not only for its rich biodiversity but also for the spectacular scenery and natural landscape. Home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Buffaloes, rare golden langur, the hispid hare, one-horned rhino and at least 20 other species of animals and birds it offers you a myriad of activities to appreciate the diversity of the region. Tiger population at Manas National Park counts up to 80 among many other rare species.  There is also a considerable variety of aquatic flora along the Manas River.

Manas National Park offers variety of tasks to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of the region Viz., Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, River Rafting, Village and Tea Plantation Visits and Bird watching. If you want a wholesome and fulfilling experience amidst nature, Manas National Park in India is the place to be. A 3D/2N stay is ample time to have a complete affair in bliss.

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