KREMPURI CAVE: World’s longest sandstone cave

Have you ever wondered if mysterious caves actually exist on our planet? Well forget about planet, they are right under our nose in India.

In 2018, a group of enthusiasts set out to map and measure a sandstone cave, Krem Puri, in Meghalaya and it took them 25 days to bring the expedition to an end. Though the cave was discovered in the year 2016, nobody really had an idea that it was the longest cave of its kind in the world.

Beating the previous record holder Venezuela’s Cueva Del Saman 18,200-metre long, Krem Puri cave has set a world record at 24,583-metre (24.5km) — which is almost three times the height of Mount Everest. Apart from massive stature, Krem Puri caves are already being touted as a hotspot for discovering ancient fossils. Fossils of not only frogs, fish, spiders and bats, but dinosaur were found: Mosasaurus, a giant aquatic carnivorous reptile that lived 66-76 million years ago.

Krem Puri is predicted to attract cavers and paleontologists worldwide in the upcoming days which definitely will be a boost to Meghalaya tourism. Clearly, nothing can be more exciting than a holiday to the land of the unknown.

September to May are the best months to visit Krem Puri as the weather is very pleasant in the countryside and the otherwise torrential rain subsides.

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