Kaziranga National Orchid and Bio-diversity Park

A fascinating counterpart, recently added, to the wildlife attractions of Kaziranga is its National Orchid and Bio-diversity Park. Sprawled across in an area of around 6 acres, the park has multiplied the glory of Kaziranga in many folds. The fauna of Kaziranga landscape has definitely got a new picture with the introduction of National Orchid and Bio-diversity Park.

There are around 35000 varieties of orchids in the world with approximately 402 varieties found only in Assam. The Kaziranga Orchid National park is an abode of more than 600 species of wild orchids collected from all across the north-east India region. This beautiful orchid have been placed amidst wild state in order to give complete natural ambience taking visitors as close to nature as possible.

Orchids are the symbol of our natural heritage and Assam’s pristine natural health. Its own state flower is Kapou which is a very popular and rare Orchid. So, this paradise of North-East India is established with two significant intentions: first to preserve the varieties of Orchids found in the region and secondly to create awareness among the general public about this wonderful creation of nature.

In addition, the park also harbors:

  1. A rice museum with 200 different varieties of rice.
  2. A medicinal herbal outlet that comprises of many local medicines prepared naturally from plants and flowers.
  3. A fish pond that preserves indigenous species of fish.
  4. A walk through nature
  5. Rock Garden, beautifully crafted with rocks that gives your trip a perfect shot on the hills.
  6. A place for cultural practices to promote native cultures in Assam.

Best time to visit is in the month of April when the beautiful creation blooms at its fullest and you get the best of this naturally preserved heritage.

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